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Connecting federal employees, scientists, educators, and the public with their wilderness heritage
Gaylord Nelson Wilderness (Credit: Jeff Rennicke) Participants in a crosscut sawyer training course AQV Monitoring (Credit: Bill Hodge) Credit: Lisa Ronald Structures, like this Olympic Wilderness boardwalk, are permitted to prevent ecological damage (Credit: Miguel Vieira) Purple Sea Star in the Olympic Wilderness (Credit: Thomas Bancroft) Oregon Islands Wilderness (Credit: Arnab Banerjee)
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June 2015


Crosscut saw
The Crosscut Sawyer is a free online training you can take from anywhere, anytime to learn the basic technical knowledge needed to use crosscut saws safely and effectively. This interactive online course offered by the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center takes under four hours to complete and will decrease classroom time and help you prepare for certification, so you can get out in the field!


Arthur Carhart
Aldo Leopold
A student conducting invasive plant inventory using a GPS unit is a public wilderness information website formed in 1996 through a collaborative partnership between the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center and the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute--the federal government's wilderness training and research arms, respectively--and the College of Forestry and Conservation's Wilderness Institute at the University of Montana.

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