Certificate Programs

Basics and Fundamentals of Wilderness Stewardship Certificate Program

Designed for seasonal Wilderness rangers and federal personnel working near Wilderness or with an interest in Wilderness Stewardship, the basics certificate eexplores the history, philosophy, and application of wilderness law and policy in the United States. This sixteen-week course of study provides a comprehensive understanding of the basics of management in designated wilderness areas. Cost: $299

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The fundamentals certificate comprises four online courses that explore the history, philosophy, and application of wilderness law, regulation and policy in the United States. Also included are guided place-based assignments that build upon each other and the student's growing understanding of his/her wilderness area of choice. A key component of this verified certificate program is the one-on-one mentoring provided by experts in the field of wilderness management. The mentors guide the students through the series of courses, assist in the selection of wilderness study sites, and provide feedback and grade assignments. Cost: $450

Course Comparison
Fundamentals of Wilderness Stewardship Basics of Wilderness Stewardship
Mentoring Yes (grading/feedback by wilderness professional) No (grading/feedback from Eppley Institute)
Schedule Seven months (28 weeks) Four months (16 weeks)
Capacity >10 25
Assignments Five: directed and focused to student's wilderness Five: based on selected wilderness and scenarios
E-courses 4 4
Intended Audience Early-career, full-time, wilderness program managers Agency personnel in units with wilderness, seasonal wilderness rangers
Cost $450 $299

Wilderness Management Distance Education Degree Program

The Wilderness Management Distance Education Program (WMDEP) offers accredited university courses through the University of Montana for a comprehensive study of wilderness management. Graduate and undergraduate college credit is awarded, and online and correspondence sections of most courses are available. To register for these courses view the current WMDEP course schedule.