Wilderness Writers

Both conservationists and authors contributed to formation of a wilderness ethic. Below is a select list of classic and contemporary conservation and wilderness literature.

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  • Abbey, Edward, Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness, McGraw Hill, New York, 1969.
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  • Abbey, Edward, The Monkey Wrench Gang, Lippencott, New York, 1975.

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  • Broome, Harvey, Out Under the Sky of the Great Smokies: A Personal Journal, Greenbrier Press, Knoxville, Tennessee, 1975.

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  • Brower, David, Wildlands in Our Civilization, The Sierra Club, San Francisco, 1964.

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Careless, Ric, To Save the Wild Earth: Field Notes from the Environmental Frontline, Raincoast Books, Vancouver, 1997. 
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Douglas, William O., Farewell to Texas: A Vanishing Wilderness, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1967.

  • Douglas, William O., A Wilderness Bill of Rights, Little Brown, Boston, MA, 1965.
  • Douglas, William O., My Wilderness: East to Katahdin, Doubleday, Garden City, New York, 1962.
  • Douglas, William O., My Wilderness: The Pacific West, Doubleday, Garden City, New York, 1960.

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  • Foreman, Dave, Rewilding North America: A Vision for Conservation for the 21st Century, Island Press, 2004.

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Lawrence, Bill, The Early American Wilderness: As the Explorers Saw It, Paragon House, New York, 1991. 
Leave No Trace, Center for Outdoor Ethics, Skills and Ethics booklet series

  • Alaskan Tundra
  • Backcountry Horse Use
  • Caving
  • Desert and Canyon Country
  • Lakes Regions
  • Mountain Bicycling
  • North American
  • Northeast Mountains
  • Pacific Northwest
  • Rock Climbing
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • Southeastern States
  • Tropical Rainforests
  • Western River Corridors

Lien, Carsten, Olympic Battleground, Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, 1991. 
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