Each year wilderness and conservation groups offer free webinars on contemporary topics in wilderness and wildlands stewardship. If your groups is offering a webinar relevant for this listing, please email Lisa Ronald. Below the list of upcoming webinars. Select webinar recordings are available.

Upcoming Webinars

Decoding Whiteness: Racial Justice for a Re-Imagined World

October 18-21, 10-2pm mountain time daily, This course provides a critical opportunity for white people to deepen their understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion, and learn how to embody that work in everyday life in multiple contexts. The prominent opportunity in this project is community building and behavior change.  We will explore decoding whiteness as a foundational move toward more effective engagement in anti-racism practices and behaviors. This is a primer to better prepare white people to engage in conversations with and dialogue supporting Indigenous, Black, and people of color. We will build capacity to work together toward shared goals for a more livable and just society and environmental movement.

SCIENCEx Climate Change

October 25-29, noon-2pm eastern time daily, This special week-long series presented by Forest Service research and development bring together scientists and land management experts from across the country to explore the latest science and best practices for large natural resource challenges across the country. Visit the SCIENCEx webinar page to register and for more detail on daily topics and speakers.

Final Preparations for a Washington DC Advocacy Trip

November 1, 11am mountain time, Part of a 5-month series to assist wilderness stewardship groups in their advocacy efforts locally and nationally. Experts in the field will share experiences, tips, and practical techniques.

Are we losing quiet spaces and natural places?

November 4, 1pm mountain time, Many contemporary wilderness visitors use technology such as Bluetooth speakers to enhance their own wilderness experience. Others build structures such as cairns either as art or for wayfinding. Ben Lawhon, Senior Director of Research and Consulting, with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, discusses how such intrusions can be counter to the ideal of wilderness in this webinar hosted by the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center.

Public Land Career Fair

November 9, 6-8pm mountain time, The Forest Service and National Park Service are hosting a virtual event to help interested potential employees learn about seasonal jobs in wildland fire, recreation, trails, ecosystems, visitor service and more. Hiring managers will be online to oprovide one-on-one assistance with federal resumes, answer questions about seasonal jobs, and share tips on building a successful application.