Each year wilderness and conservation agencies and their partners offer webinars on contemporary topics in wilderness and public lands stewardship. If your group is offering a webinar relevant for this listing, please contact us with your webinar. Select webinar recordings are available.

Upcoming Webinars

Federal Consultation Training Series: Session 1

July 13, 1pm mountain time

Host: Partnership for the National Trails System

This training will provide an overview of Federal Indian Law and include discussion of:

  • Protecting and establishing the inherent sovereignty of tribes
  • Obtaining official tribal recognition for numerous Indian tribes
  • Helping tribes continue their ancient traditions, by protecting their rights to hunt, fish and use the water on their lands
  • Upholding Native American religious freedom
  • Assuring the return of remains and burial goods from museums and historical societies for proper and dignified re-burial
  • Protecting voting rights of Native Americans

Presenter: Brett Lee Shelton (Oglala Sioux Tribe), Senior Staff Attorney, Native American Rights Fund

Interpreting Climate Change—or Anything—Requires that Interpreters Understand People's Worldviews

August 16, 11am mountain time

Host: National Association for Interpretation

People see only parts of climate change. Whether little or a lot depends partly on their worldview, which shapes values and reality itself. Interpreters then must understand worldviews to really know their audiences. This webinar explores strategies and themes that will greatly improve participants´ worldview understanding and their climate change interpretation.

Federal Consultation Training Series: Session 2

August 24, 1pm mountain time

Host: Partnership for the National Trails System

This training will cover the history of consultation, the legal responsibilities of agencies, complexities of roles and responsibilities, examples related to the National Trails, and a brief discussion of the future of agency consultation.


  • Susan Johnson, Regional Tribal Relations Program Manager, Rocky Mountain Region, U.S. Forest Service
  • Dorothy Firecloud, Native American Affairs Liaison, Assistant to the Director, National Park Service
  • Eric Chiasson, Regional Tribal Liaison, Tribal and Cultural Affairs-Region 1, National Park Service