Each year wilderness and conservation agencies and their partners offer webinars on contemporary topics in wilderness and public lands stewardship. If your group is offering a webinar relevant for this listing, please email Lisa Ronald. Select webinar recordings are available.

Upcoming Webinars

National Wilderness Skills Institute - Feedback and Futuring Discussion

February 2, 1pm mountain time

Host: National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance

The 2021 NWSI was held in May as a way to train wilderness field crews. Did it work? Should we do it again? What changes or adjustments are needed? These and other questions will be addressed as our panel of experts reviews the feedback received about NWSI and looks forward to the future. Key Speakers: John Campbell (Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers Program Manager – Southern Region), Jimmy Gaudry (Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers Program Manager – Northern Region), Bill Hodge (Executive Director – Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation), Nancy Taylor (Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers Program Manager – Pacific Northwest Region), Dusty Vaughn (Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers Specialist – Washington Office).

Wilderness management in a time of rapid change: A discussion of “triage” actions in the short-term

February 8, noon mountain time

Host: National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance

This webinar considers “triage” management in the context of urban proximate wilderness, and it consists of three 5-8 minute ‘flash’ talks by the presenters, which are followed by breakout “sharing sessions” where participants can identify issues, discuss strategies and past actions, and share best practices. With Dr. Bob Dvorak, Central Michigan University and Chris Armatas, Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute.

The Social Science & Economics behind Environmental Justice & the NPS

February 9, 1pm mountain time

Host: National Park Service's Connected Conservation

READing BAER in Wilderness

February 22, 1pm mountain time

Host: Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center

The nexus with the Wildland Fire Resource Advisor (READ) and Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) programs in Wilderness are nuanced and important to understand for the protection of Wilderness Character. Come learn how three of the Federal Lands Management agencies use READs and Wilderness knowledge during the fire suppression activities and how BAER Teams address Wilderness in resource recovery efforts to protect Wilderness Character. Presenters include: Cara Farr, USFS; Dave Callery, USFS; Rebecca Carter, BLM; Jack Oelfke, NPS Retired

Using Environmental Justice Data to Help Prioritize Projects

February 22, 1pm mountain time

Host: National Park Service's Connected Conservation

This webinar highlights specific tools that a park, NPS program, or an external partner might use to further landscape-scale conservation.

A Comprehensive Approach to Inform User Management on Trails and Public Lands

March 1, 1pm mountain time

Host: Partnership for the National Trails System

This webinar focuses on ‘recreation ecology’ research by the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative and partners. During this presentation we will discuss how researchers and agencies are working to study recreation in western Canada to: Map, measure, and model how, where, and when people recreate on trails and public lands (i.e., human footprint and intensity of use); Help trail and public land managers gain a more comprehensive understanding of users to inform management and planning needs; Identify how agencies and volunteer groups can best use multiple sources of data to better preserve trails and public lands and reduce conflict among people and wildlife, and between user groups.

Beyond Secretaries, Hostesses, and Cooks: The Power, Humility, and Compassion of Women Who Battled to Save Wilderness

March 15, noon mountain time

Host: National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance

With Michelle L. Reilly, Ph.D, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and Marit Anderson. Registration coming soon.

Sustainable Camping Practices

April 12, noon mountain time

Host: National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance

With Jeff Marion, Virginia Tech University. Registration coming soon.

Future Webinars

  • Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center webinars
    • February/March - Revised Minimum Requirements Analysis Framework
    • March - Climbing in Wilderness
    • April - Commercial Filming
    • May - Visitor Use Management