Wilderness Technical Core Competencies

Wilderness managers and other employees having responsibility for wilderness, no matter how limited, can use competencies to identify gaps between existing and needed wilderness knowledge, skills, and abilities. With this information they and their supervisors can develop and prioritize Individual Training and Development Plans. Competencies can be used by each agency to identify training gaps and to guide development and delivery of training courses specifically designed to bridge these gaps.

The competencies below were developed and extensively reviewed by an interagency team in 2006, drawing from work originally produced by the Forest Service and by the National Park Service in the early 1990s in response to requests from the Forest Service Corporate Training Office and from the Office of Personnel Management. A review of these competencies and the trainings recommended to achieve them is currently underway. To contribute to this effort, please contact Dan Abbe.

Read the introduction to learn more about which competencies apply to which levels.